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Great Read... How To Look After Your Pets In Thunder And Lightning


Anyone with a dog will know that even the calmest pet can be sent whimpering and looking for a hiding place by a flash of lightning or clap of thunder.

Behaviour & Breeds

Do You Have An Aggressive Cat — Or Just One Who Misbehaves?!


There they go again! BooBoo is chasing Miss Gigi around the house. Gigi is yelling at him and hissing as she runs, with BooBoo close behind. When he finally catches up with her — and he always does — BooBoo stands over Gigi...

Health & Science

Are You Washing Your Pet's Food Bowl Enough? Probably Not, Say Experts


Pet owners putting their four-legged friends at risk of illness by failing to wash their food bowls several times a week, according to experts. A new warning issued by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the US has said animal lovers...

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Litter-Robot III Open Air

Andre Song

An automated litter box that cleans or cycles litter every time it detects your cat's motion when leaving the pod.

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TokenPet Tag Package

The world's simplest and most effective pet identification system

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