About Us

TokenPet was created with one simple purpose: to help lost pets get home safely.

It started a few years back. A small group of startup founders began chatting at an event. The conversation turned to pets - specifically, to the heartbreak of losing a cat or dog, something many of us had experienced in our lives. It was then that we came to a realization: there was no simple and reliable way for people to identify and return lost pets to their owners.

We started digging into the American and Canadian statistics, and we were saddened by what we found.

One in every three pets will go missing at some point.

Less than 20% of dogs and 2% of cats that go missing will return home

Only half of the 6 to 8 million companion animals in shelters will rejoin their original families or be placed with new "forever" families.

Sadly, the other 50% of shelter animals will be euthanized due to lack of space.

Over the next few months, our small group of pet-loving tech founders became more organized and purpose-driven. We came to the conclusion that creating an online platform could help us solve some of the biggest challenges associated with finding lost pets - and bring the global pet community together.

We launched our very first platform in Brazil. Since then, our unique QR coded pet tags and our Map & Track™ system have led to the safe return of thousands of lost pets around the world. We've also found forever homes for thousands of dogs and cats through our adoption services and unique online matching system.

In addition to helping our amazing community of users, we work with rescues, shelters, and non-profits across the US & Canada to ensure that as many pets as possible find their homes - whether that means returning them to the loving arms of their owners, or placing them in new forever homes. At TokenPet, we believe it truly takes a community to raise and care for a pet.

In the years since we developed our first TokenPet site, we've matured. We've spoken to pet owners all over the globe, which has helped us refine our services. We've worked hard to become the world's largest lost and found platform for pets - as well as the most trusted partner for pet lovers seeking advice.

Every day, our team does everything in its power to send pets back to their owners, safe and sound. We don't ask for anything in exchange for our service, but we hope you'll consider spreading the word about what we do.

Have you recently lost a pet? Do you want to be prepared for the possibility that your pet may one day wander off? If so, please consider registering today. Once you're registered, you'll have more than just peace of mind. You'll have an entire community ready to support you at every step of your pet ownership journey!

The TokenPet Team