Country Manager Australia

Australia, the beautiful sunny country and continent is one of the most loving pet destinations in the world and also one of our main target markets as we look to build the worlds most amazing pet community. For this purpose, we are looking to hire an amazing Country Manager who is ambitious, creative and highly goal driven; he/she truly believes in our project and is determined to help build out the TokenPet vision.

The mission of our future Country Manager is driven by passion and love for all things animals. The overall goal is to obtain rapid expansion with our Australian pet community by identifying and developing opportunities with local business while working diligently on marketing and communication.

This is truly a great opportunity for an ambitious and experienced business development individual or the owner of an existing pet community wishing to join our core team and leave their footprint in all that we do.

Are you ready to join our team?


  • Developing and managing the TokenPet community in Australia;
  • Arranging and managing local marketing while also measuring the results of the activities that have been launched;
  • Working alone on marketing development and launch of marketing campaigns and activities;
  • Ability to identify and develop business opportunities in Australia including sponsorships, partnerships and co-marketing activities;
  • Establishing and maintaining relations with media and pet industry influencers within Australia


  • Fluent English speaking;
  • Has at least 3-year-experience in new business development roles within the Australian pet industry or has started their own pet industry related community in Australia;
  • Has a wide network of personal and professional contacts within the Australian pet industry or various other pet related associations within Australia;
  • Is a passionate with a great knowledge of the pet industry/market in Australia;
  • Must possess a sound knowledge of the techniques & tools used in web marketing and social media management;
  • Excellent communication skills, both oral and written;
  • Is an out of the box thinker, proactive and shows an entrepreneurial spirit;
  • Is highly goal-driven, passionate and not afraid to raise the bar at all the times.