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TokenPet is an exciting, vibrant, community of like minded pet owner's who's core mission is to help each other and every pet owner by capturing and collectively sharing our everyday moments throughout every stage of the pet ownership journey!

We've discovered over the years that it takes a community to raise and care for a pet and we couldn't be more excited to have you join us and take part in the TokenPet community!

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First and foremost we are passionate pet owners and pet lovers just like YOU. With that being said, TokenPet was built by a growing collective of passionate and experienced technology founders looking to give back to the global pet community!

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TokenPet is unique in that we rely heavily on each others earned trust first and foremost. We intialy started TokenPet for one simple reason: to help lost pets find their way back home. Through our sister sites, we've helped thousands of lost pets find their way home and thousands more find their forever homes!

Since then we've learned and evolved to become a global community of like minded users putting our pets first! Whether, youre looking to adopt a pet from a local shelter, rescue, learn about the many breeds of dogs and cats, read up on the latest pet news or get honest reviews on pet related products, TokenPet and our community is here to help! The best part is...were just getting started!

Now as you know we can't build the best global pet community without YOU so why not join us on this quest and register today! We'll make sure you never regret you did!

Registering with TokenPet and creating your pet's online profile is absolutely FREE and always will be free! Although anyone can view and interact with the TokenPet website, registering with TokenPet certainly comes with its priveledges.

By registering you''ll have the added and prevetive benefit of adding your pets profile in case they ever get lost, greater to the site itself including, access to our adoption pages, the ablitly to register your fur baby in our pet of the week contest, comment in our news and articles pages and so much more! Registering for FREE truly is the best way to experience all the TokenPet community has to offer now and everything we have planned for the coming months!

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Whether it's helpful tips and advice, relevant pet industry news like alerts & recalls or really great pet stories from around the globe, TokenPet's News and Articles pages are a daily hand curated douse of the best the internet has to share on everything pets!

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You bet! We are always open to working with or hearing from the many shelters, rescues and pet releated industry proffesionals throughout the U.S., Canada and Europe!

We can work with your shelter or resuce or pet related business in many different ways, from customized tags for your shelter, rescue or organization, to adding your rescue or shelter to our adoption pages and so much more! We know it's not easy doing what you do and that's exactly why, we're here to help!

Please contact us here to discuss potential oppourtunities and partnerships!

Let's face it, the best way to really get to know a pet product or the company behind it is through reviews from pet owners just like YOU! Products we feature are reviewed on a monthly basis and we reach directly out to the TokenPet community to help us out with that!

In most cases our team looks for trending pet products or services and we either purchase them ourselves or in some cases we are provided a product by a company for our community to review! Rest assured though, we aim to be 100% unbiased and if our reviewer doesnt' care for a product, where gonna make sure you know why....and if they LOVE a product, well make sure it get's the exposure and praise it deserves.

Interested in having your pet related product reviewed?

Let us know by filling out our "Contact Us" form here... and our product review team will get back to you shortly!

The TokenPet "Pet of the Week Photo Contest" Offers a Great Way for Pet Owners to Show Off Their Furry Friends & Loved Ones!

At TokenPet we're always looking for new ways to celebrate the beautiful lives of our pets! Why not join us by submitting your fantastic photography and story and in return we'll happily reward the winners with a weekly giveaway for you and your pet?

Simple Rules

  1. Submissions are now being accepted every Monday at 12:01 a.m. to Sunday at 11:59 p.m. A new winner will be announced every Monday.
  2. All photos must be under the ownership of the person submitting. No photos that violate any copyrights are eligible to be a finalist or to win.
  3. Photos must be of a real pet that lives with the family of the person submitting.
  4. Pictures with low resolution or inappropriate images will not be accepted)
  5. You can only submit one picture per week.
  6. The winner of the previous weeks contest will be announced on the TokenPet website, Twitter and Facebook.

How to Enter:

  • Register Here
  • Select Category (Dog, Cat)
  • 1 Photo (Your Best One)
  • In 1000 Characters or less tell us why your pet should be named pet of the week.
  • Share Via Social Networks...The more votes you get the better, so share your entry by blasting it out to your favorite social network...The message will look like this: Vote for my pet for pet of the week on TokenPet.com! + the image of your pet will be included.
  • Hit Submit & Good Luck!

Of course! We can be found in multiple stores throughout the continental US, Canada and Europe and our retailer list is always growing! You can find the most updated list of retailers and pending retailers by clicking here.

*Please note, that in some cases we may not be in a specific region, state or province etc. (we are doing everything we can through ongoing discussions with our retail parnters and distributors to be where you are as soon as we can...thank you for your patience).

In the rare instance we are not in your neck of the woods, you can always purchase a TokenPet tag directly from the TokenPet website by clicking here...

Great question... Apart from being at the many amazing pet industry shows throughout the US, Canada & Europe you can always connect with us through our social media networks:

Twitter: @tokenpet

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tokenpet/

More coming soon!

The TokenPet team is happy to answer and and all your questions! There are many ways to get in touch with us:

You can easily chat with one someone on our team directly from our website weekdays from 9am-9pm (EST)

Email us at info@TokenPet.com anytime and we'll get right back to you...

Call us weekdays from 9am-9pm EST: 1-855 365-0911

Amazing! We're always interested in hearing about new ideas, oppourtunies and ways to improve our community!

Please email us at info@tokenpet.com and we'll make sure someone from our amazing team gets back to you.

TokenPet ID Service

Your personal data is securely stored on our servers that are hosted by our amazing partners at Amazon in each region we operate in! We and some of the biggest companies in the world work with Amazon & AWS as they have alway been recognized internationally for their top notch security and quality of services.

We NEVER store anyones credit card information. TokenPet has proudly partnered with Stripe! We chose Stripe because we know they are most secure online payment system in the world!

Always know that if youre considering buying a TokenPet tag through our site we discard the card information immediately after the transaction is completed.

Nothing is more important to us then your privacy and security. All information traffic taking place on the TokenPet site is done through a secure environment (HTTPS) and access to the database is highly restricted.

Passwords and more sensitive information are stored in with the latest encryption tech known to man kind on top of holding ourselves always up to date with the latest SSL standards. Always. We built all of our privacy and security with a Fort Knox mentality as we use TokenPet just like YOU.

Your data is super safe with TokenPet and our very experienced tech/dev team.

That's the best and easiest question in all of this FAQ section! :)

Simply purchase a TokenPet tag from one of our partner retailers or purchase one directly from our website.

With the tag in hand, simply hang it on your pets collar. Now the fun part... Create your personal profile first if you don't already have one. Then simply register your pet using the unique code found on the pendant.

It's really just that simple!

Of course! You can use TokenPet lost dog or cat mapping system anytime and without ever having to puchase a tag! Simply click here to let the community know your pet just went missing or lost it's way. You can also easily create a lost poster for your pet and share it online through your various social media networks.

Please do note though, by having a preventive mindset and purchasing a TokenPet tag the odds of your pet being returned to you are astronomically increased.

It's what we do and trust us when we say..."when it comes to helping pets find their way back home, it's what we do best!"

Pet Registration & My Account

We don't like limits! So we decided not to put any limit on the number of pets you can register.

However, each pet must register their own TokenPet tag individually. Each TokenPet tag is as unique as your furry loved one. Each unique ID code tells their story and in doing so it also aids in better ensuring their safe return.

Simple answer...NO. Nobody likes SPAM. Certainly not us.

By registering on TokenPet we may need to connect with you in case of an emergency and from time to time we may send you info on changes to the TokenPet site in terms of amazing new features we have added, changes in our terms of service or to share with you exciting news, happenings or going on's in the TokenPet community.

If there is ever a time you feel like you are getting too many emails from us, you can easily change your notification preferences from your account settings page.

If you haven't already registered, please register here first and follow the instructions. If you have already registered, simply log in to the site and click on the "Pet Profiles Tab".

From there, you can easily fill out the form and also input the unique ID code found on your TokenPet tag. You can manage, change, add more pets or update your pets info anytime you need to from your pets profile.

As an owner of a pet registered on TokenPet you don't need to use your smartphone at all.

Any smartphone usage via the Unique ID Code or QR Code is just an easier and faster way to identify a lost pet. Anyone locating your pet can also visit TokenPet.com and add your pets unique ID code in the top right portion of the TokenPet site on every page within the site.

In addition we've also added a handy toll free number for anyone who's located a lost pet and by contacting us at 1-855-365-0911 we can then help quickly notify you!

We covered as many bases as we could to ensure the safe return of your pet!

There is no limit!

In fact we even highly recommend that you update your and your pets profile often to ensure it's always up to date with the most recent images, contact info etc.

TokenPet tags

Although traditional tags are useful, your information may be outdated and as we're sure you can tell is very limited in the kinds of details needed to ensure your pet is safe and sound no matter how long it might be before you can get them back in your loving arms.

Our tags increase the odds of your pets safe return. To learn more about the advantages of TokenPet tags over other ID services or products please click here.

Not at all. TokenPet tags are another added source of security (we truly believe the worlds best) on the road to ensuring your pet makes it way home safe, should they ever lose their way. Any and all means used to identify a pet at the time of a disappearance is important.

However, we do believe that as a non-surgically intrusive ID option and service TokenPet is the worlds most reliable, fastest, inexpensive and seamless way to identify any pet. With that being said, we do not advise against adopting the microchip. Having the best of two options in place, never hurts.

The QR Code or "Quick Response Code" is the amazing evolution of the traditional bar code!

A QR code allows a much larger volume of information to be stored and shared. In the case of TokenPet, the QR Code contains a real time link to your pets profile on TokenPet.com. The profile includes everything anyone finding a lost pet needs to help identify them as well as contact info to get your lost pet back home.

Great question... here's an equally great answer!

In the event that someone locates a lost pet and does'nt have an active smarthphone, or a QR code reader (which is free to download on any iOS and Android device), they can easily find your pets profile and your contact info via TokenPet.com (which is clearly marked) and by input the unique ID code also located on the tag.

Conversely the person who's found your pet can easily contact us from any phone at any time by calling us at 1-855-365-0911 clearly marked on the tag as well.

TokenPet tags only store a link to your pet's profile on our site.

In case of theft, you can easily disconnect the tag from your profile settings by deleting the tags association from your account.

To make shipping easy and cost effective for you, we ship all TokenPet tags using USPS & Canada Post.

TokenPet Tags shipped within the US arrive between 5 to 14 business days (though we always aim for even quicker) & TokenPet Tags shipped within Canada also arrive 5 to 14 business days (we aim to be quicker in Canada too).

Shipping is always a standard shipping rate of just $4 within the lower 48 states–and within Canada as well! High Five!!!

Customer Service

For further assistance, please call our toll free hotline:

phone 1-855-365-0911

We're available to take your call 24/7

TokenPet Tag Package

The world's simplest and most effective pet identification system

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