How TokenPet tags work in 3 easy steps

TokenPet Tags Help Lost Pets Get Home Quickly & Safely!

TokenPet is a next generation pet service that integrates a unique QR coded ID tag to an online pet profile designed to help get your pets back home quickly and safely should they ever find themselves lost. TokenPet tags never ask for a monthly fee, never need batteries or a wifi signal to work!

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Below you can see how easy and practical it is to use TokenPet tags to help protect your pet:

1. Purchase your tag(s)

Tags can be purchased on our site, or through an authorized retailer.

Get a TokenPet Tag

2. Create your online owner profile

To use the TokenPet Map & Track™ system and lost pet service, register and create a profile on the site. Your profile will be linked to your pet's information, making it easy to contact you if they ever go missing.

Create My Profile

3. Register your pet

Provide us with your pet's name and photo, along with medical information and other relevant facts. This process is simple, and completing it will help keep your pet safe. Please remember to keep your TokenPet tags on your pet's collar at all times.

Register My Pet

You're All Set!

Congratulations! Your pet is now protected by the world's simplest and most effective pet identification system.

TokenPet Tag Package

The world's simplest and most effective pet identification system

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