Anti-vaccination movement grows and endangers the health of pets

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According to Oxford dictionary, Post-truth refers to circumstances whose facts do not matter to base public opinion but personal emotions and beliefs do matter. The term was used for the first time in 1992 in The Nation journal, in which the author lamented, "The population had decided to live in a post-truth world in which truth is no longer so important".

We live in this post-truth era where nobody wants to argue anymore. However, there are many consequences of this ideology that ends up doing harm to others. Moreover, there are things that work only with a collective effort. Vaccination is one of them.

When you take your pet for a walk, you are giving a confidence vote to other pet owners. It is expected that everyone have vaccinated their animals. Vaccination involves trust. The anti-vaccine wave is bringing back other real and dangerous diseases around the world being several of them fatal. The idea of not vaccinating pets came from the irrational fear that vaccines do not work or even harms. It may sound like news from the beginning of the last century, but unfortunately, it is not.

Dogs and cats, like us, need special care of their health. Vaccination helps not only keep your pet healthy, but also helps prevent the spread of disease, benefiting the whole population of domestic animals.

Since the vaccination of domestic animals was introduced in cities, it has helped reduce drastically the incidence of these diseases, which can reach humans as well.

The Importance of First Vaccine in Puppies

When they are born, pups rely only on the antibodies provided by the mother's milk to protect them against harmful micro-organisms that may cause disease. Over time, this protection needs to be strengthened so that the puppies are not vulnerable. There are certain serious conditions that can be a threat to his health.

The vaccine is a dose of virus or bacteria, whole or in parts, which stimulates the immune system to produce antibodies against these agents. Such microorganisms are generally dead or inactivated and therefore are not able of causing disease.

Before taking the vaccines, it is important that the puppy does not have contact with other animals. Veterinarians recommend waiting at least a week after the last dose of the vaccines to expose the puppy. This is the time it takes for the vaccine to fully interact with the animal's immune system.

Multiple vaccines fight several serious diseases

Multiple vaccines, also known as polyvalent or combined, immunize the dogs against seven serious and contagious diseases:

  1. Cinomose: caused by virus, leads to severe coughing and diarrhea. The animal may develop paralysis or even fatal pneumonia.
  2. Hepatitis: caused by virus, affects the liver, an essential organ for animal metabolism.
  3. Parvovirus: Caused by virus, usually affect pups causing diarrhea with blood and often-fatal paralysis.
  4. Parainfluenza: caused by virus, leads to highly contagious type of flu that can evolve into pneumonia and respiratory diseases.
  5. Adenovirus: caused by virus, can cause serious respiratory diseases.
  6. Coronavirus: caused by virus, leads to vomit and bloody diarrhea.
  7. Leptospirosis: caused by bacteria, promotes liver and kidney failure and can be fatal.
  8. Rage: caused by virus, affects the neurological system and has no treatment being always fatal. Like leptospirosis, rage can be transmitted to humans.

Science leads to clarification

It may sound cliché, but always prefer to believe in science. Discoveries in medicine are tested, published, debated and validated by a community of expert researchers around the globe. Tales of social networks and the anti-vaccine movement have no scientific basis. They are based on personal belief and anecdotal evidence.

Therefore, this can be very dangerous, because followers of this movement they endanger not only their pets but also whole population of pet. In addition, they endanger the health not only of the animals, but also of people.

It is extremely important to prevent diseases, because some infections can spread in animal and human body quickly, with small chances of treatment or cure. Keep the health of your little friend up to date in the vaccination. We have passed through the Enlightenment. This is the age of reason. Let's live up to that.


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