Pet of the Month


  • Stormy
  • Standard Schnauzer

This is Stormy. She’s a very affectionate 5-yr-old miniature schnauzer. She loves to play with us, and likes even more to nap. Stormy was a great addition to our family, because she fits perfectly into our lifestyle. Great with the kids, fine being left alone at home while we go to work/school, and always greets us so enthusiastically when we come back. She loves going for a walk, but sometimes she can be a challenge – she chases all the wild creatures around, from chipmunks to geese… Stormy got in trouble a while ago, when she got sprayed by a skunk. The nasty smell lasted months! And no, she hasn’t learned the lesson. She continues to chase all animals, and to bark at all the big dogs. Sometimes it’s even embarrassing… But I blame it on her being a schnauzer… And I wouldn’t trade her for any other pet!


  • Flávio

    What a beautiful lady! :)

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  • Faye

    Awe... She is so sweet!

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