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  • Teco
  • Bull Terrier

Teco, our British Bull Terrier, and baby boy is one of the most gentle and docile dogs we have ever met. His name “Teco” was given to him by our nephews because of a dog they previously had named “Teca”. She was an equally as beautiful white female Bull Terrier with a really cute black left ear. They loved her so much that as their Aunt & Uncle we couldn’t think of having any other name but Teco…

In Portuguese “Teco” means “piece of something”....sort of like when you have a chocolate cake and someone asks for a hunk of it. Teco's simple and kind name is also a daily reminder of the large piece of our hearts Teco holds. He was born in São Paulo / Brazil in Oct/29/2012.

Always ready for a extended belly rub, Teco also loves his daily walks and is very kind to everyone he encounters – although not everyone is brave enough to play with might have something to do with his size or sadly the bad reputation this breed seems to have...(which simply doesn’t make any sense).Sadly, Teco was diagnosed with hypothyroidism two years ago and since then has to take medications daily – which he seems to do with happiness and ease.

For being such a great companion, family member and all around best friend, I want to nominate Teco as TokenPets, Pet Of The Week! Please vote for Teco! :-)


  • Flávio

    I'm so proud of having my dog as the very first pet of the week at TokenPet! :)

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  • Pedro

    I know this dog!

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  • Julie

    Beautiful pup! Congrats!

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