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When I first purchased the Litter-Robot III Open Air I can honestly say I did so with serious hesitation and skepticism even though it was highly recommended/referred by a friend who I often went to for advice on my cats behaviour and/or needs. Let's face it, it's not every day you come across a $700 litter box. I could understand if it did laundry, made coffee, reheated food, and vacuumed the floors as well, but I'm here to tell you it doesn't! However, what it does do very well is keep the litter box extremely clean & odourless and after about a year of use, I cannot tell you how happy we are with it! I should has a 90 day money back guarantee (and 18 month warranty) that in the end became the ultimate push for me to give it a at worst if it isn't for you, you have the confidence of knowing you can send it back.

The basic premiss is's an automated litter box that cleans or cycles litter every time it detects your cat's motion when leaving the pod. The mechanism is very simple and works very well. The pod or shell of the Litter-Robot III Open Air actually rotates and filters out any waste clumps (both 1's & 2s's) and drops them into an easily accessible waste bin (we line our waste bin with simple garbage bags) complete with a strong working charcoal filter that ensures there is zero smell. The beauty of the system is, it will also notify you when the waste bin needs to be emptied. Pretty smart in my opinion! The whole process is really seamless and as I keep stressing and what I truly love about this litter box just works as described! If I was to dream up any single change I would love to see on future models, it would be Alexa or Google Home integration that would notify me via my smartphone that the waste basket needs to be changed! Now that would be cool!

The Litter-Robot III Open Air is HUGE! By huge I mean roomy...and that's a good thing as my cat is big (16 pounds BIG). The LR III Open Air easily accommodates him with room to spare as our cat (like most cats) rotates to find that perfect spot and position. Another handy little feature, is the night light, which lights up when the room is dark and turns itself off during the day time or when the lights are on! It sort of makes the whole unit look like a spaceship at night, which as a Star Wars fan, I love and something even friends of mine can appreciate, even through the teasing about the actual size of the litter box. If I was to say anything negative about this litter box, it's this; make sure that you dont over fill it with litter. There is a clearly marked fill line, but literally you need to ensure you don't go over that (or even too close to it) as if you do, the sensors seem to stop working. As long as you are aware of this and go slightly under the line, you should be ok.

As someone who is extremely busy this litter box is perfect for me as I can be gone for long hours (as long as 48hrs at a time). The waste drawer itself doesn't need to be cleaned almost for 10 days! Yup, 10 days! However, I've been gone as long as 14 days, however by day 11 I did start to notice a slight hint of odour (mind you, I have a pretty sensitive nose and the Litter-Robot III Open Air sits in our living room right by our sofa).

As mentioned earlier, I cannot say how happy we are with the Litter-Robot III Open Air and like my friend did for me, I would highly recommend this to anyone who owns a cat (or multiple cats) and for those of you who might be overly sensitive to the smells litter boxes can produce at times or for those of you, who are gone for long hours as these to me were the top reasons to pick up the Litter-Robot III Open Air!

Product Specifications


24.25” x 29.5”x 27”

Beige / White

Between $500.00 to $700.00


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