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Laina Pilon

We purchased the Petcube in December 2015, as we wanted to prevent our young puppy from barking incessantly and disturbing neighbors when we would leave the apartment. It was a perfect solution for us, a lot easier to use than setting up a laptop with Skype. It was fairly easy to set up and link to the Petcube app. My favorite feature is the sound alerts, and that was the main reason we bought it. While you can speak to your pet if needed, the toggle switch to turn your microphone on isn’t in the live stream view, so it can be inconvenient if you previously turned it on and forgot to turn it off. It has happened that we call in and accidentally disturb our dog because we didn’t realize the sound was on. 

While we were initially pretty happy with this purchase, the USB cable that plugs into the Petcube became loose within months… I contacted Customer Service, as it was still under warranty, and they said they didn't have any parts to send me. They suggested I buy a new cable, and then after I pushed a little further they offered to reimburse me a certain amount if I bought a new cable. I expected more for a device of that price range. 

Last, while the device does what it is meant to do, it isn’t without connection issues and glitches. Petcube usually fixes these issues with app updates, but the issues sometimes render the device totally useless and it can be really frustrating to have a $200 device sitting there, idle and useless.

Product Specifications


9.65 x 9.91 x 9.91cm
(3.8 x 3.9 x 3.9")


Silver and Black


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