Petlinks "Cheese Chaser" Remote Controlled Mouse Cat Toy

Not Good! Stay Away!
Kelly Ashcroft

My cats were immediately intrigued when they saw the toy as the feather got their attention.

However, the product was very hard to put together. First off, the batteries were not included, added cost! Secondly, a screwdriver is needed to put the batteries in place. It then takes a couple minutes for the remote control to charge the toy.

I first placed the toy on the carpet and it did not move at all. When I placed it on hardwood, it started moving (very slowly). The toy made a buzzing noise that the cats loved, but the feather was the best part for them. The toy worked for just over 30 seconds before dying and needing a re-charge. 

The cats liked the product even when it was not moving, but of course, the selling point of the product is that it should move. This product is not worth the price. The idea is great, but the product, unfortunately, is far from user friendly. 

Product Specifications


1.8 x 5.8 x 4.0"

4.2 ounces

Silver and Pink


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