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Jackie Farr

Have peace of mind and never worry about losing your pet again....

Our family like everyone else, loves our pets. Our entire house is in agreement that we would be utterly in a panic if we were ever to lose our furry family member for even five minutes. We felt we needed something more.  Another layer of security and peace of mind. That's where TokenPet tags come in!  TokenPet and TokenPet tags want to help make sure that should we ever lose our pets, were truly covered!

From my understanding, TokenPet Tags and the entire TokenPet community platform, is the brainchild of a group of highly successful tech founders who wanted to build a simple solution that helps get lost pets back home, decrease the number of pets in shelters, while also promising their tags will never run out of battery and never force charge a monthly fee for their tags.

It turn's out all you ever really needed to keep track of your pets, is a simple and easy to use QR coded tag. However, according to TokenPet's website, they also wanted to do so much more than that.  The TokenPet mission is to once and for all build a community around the notion of helping people not just when or if they lost their fur buddy or family member but to be there at every stage of the ownership journey.

Set up was super simple. Attaching the device to our dog’s collar couldn't have been easier. Once in place, I jumped on over to the TokenPet site at and registered myself and created our pets profile. I instantly have peace of mind knowing if our pets ever get lost or can't find their way home, the finder of our pet can simply take a quick snapshot of the QR code and easily notify us or the team at TokenPet (24/7) who can also then in return notify us! Pretty simple and straightforward! What's even cooler, in my opinion, is that TokenPet also notifies local shelters (and in some cases rescues) in the area I lost my pets in! To top it all off and as a final line of security TokenPet also sends other TokenPet community members in the area a quick notification, description, and image of my pet which is like having your own local search and rescue team!

TokenPet tags cost as little as $9.99. With four phones and two iPads already hooked up and draining our bank accounts, we were really thrilled to know we never have to pay another monthly fee again,... ever! The whole never pay a monthly fee was probably the major reason swaying our family into deciding TokenPet tags are by far the best solution for us. However, where the tags go the extra mile though is the connection to the community on the TokenPet website.  From pet industry related articles, pet treat recipes, pet food guides, pet training and advice, DIY projects, a pets of the week competition, adoption and rescue help and great breed info, the community orientated site not only looks great but also aims to be the place smart pet parents go to get their daily dose of pet insights, knowledge and all things pet related.

Myself (and my entire family, furbaby and all) would highly recommend TokenPet tags for anyone who has ever worried about losing their pet!  TokenPet tags are an inexpensive and highly effective solution that also gets your foot in the door with an ever growing community of pet lovers!

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