See what users are saying about the TokenPet identification service.

“One of things I noticed quickly after being asked to Beta Test the TokenPet Website is that the TokenPet team really care about ALL animals and every owner. They are completely open to suggestions to make the web site and community the best.”

Laina P

“Tags are bright and colourful! I love how the baby blue stands out! Truly cost-effective solution to microchipping when you have several pets! Even bought a few for my neighbours cat and two dogs!”

Jason C

“Thank you to everyone at TokenPet for exceeding my expectations! Most importantly THANK YOU for giving me peace of mind knowing Tango's tag might one day help him find his way home.”

Mona H

“I lost a pet several years ago. Devastating to say the least. I have recommended TokenPet tags and the site to several others. Thanks!”

Vivek R

“Bless you. What a weight off my mind having the tag around Binkley's collar is! You and your team are wonderful and I love how you are helping all pets and pet parents with your website! Thanks a million and please know I'll also be ordering 2 more tags today for friends!”


“Peace of mind. Truly invaluable! Thanks & good luck.”

Sonny & Cher

“You all are very good at what you do! Exceptional info and reviews! Thanks and good luck!”

Mark D

“I would highly recommend TokenPet for all things canine (and all things "pet" for that matter). My experience so far has been amazing!”


“Every time I take a look at the website, I'm just amazed at how well it's put together. A pet and pet owner friendly site that no longer looks like it was put together by a high school kid or came from the 80's. I am already visiting several times of day! Congrats!”

Saumil P

“AMAZING! Love The Site! Congrats!”

Leonardo O

“Milo has been known for escaping my backyard and going for a stroll to the neighborhood park. Thankfully nothing has happened to him while on these excursions but had a cat or a squirrel crossed his path, I know he would've been gone in a heartbeat. TokenPet tags are the affordable solution we've been looking for! Thank's for bringing back piece of mind to our family!”


“The web design and usability of TokenPet is awesome and super easy to use. Gladly recommend them to others.”

Kleber A

“So cool! Looking forward to seeing the community grow!”

Gina S & Rusty

“TokenPet has raised the pet website & pet community bar!”

Kristof G

“I'm pretty excited to have the TokenPet tag for Tegan. Even though she is microchipped, I like the idea of having a backup system (plus this would save a trip to the vet for the person who finds my flight risk pup!). Not to mention, it looks amazing on her! I encourage others to invest in a tag - you're better off being safe than sorry!”


“This site is awesome pawsome! Keep it up!!”

Jordan DK

“I was referred to TokenPet by a trusted friend and pet owner who like me has high expectations, I am happy to say that those expectations were exceeded. I look forward to watching the community grow”

Manu S

“A great personal pet touch!! I feel comfortable visiting the site for advice, tips and answers and always seem to gain a greater understanding after each visit.”

Richard F

“Nice, caring and thoughtful site with a wealth of pet information. Love the daily news feed! BI for pets! Looking forward to watching you guys grow!”

Shannon C.

“We would highly recommend TokenPet and TokenPet Tags to every pet owner! The entire family thanks you!”

Flavio B

“Seriously awesome! Love what your doing!”

Faye H

“Bacon has always been a runner! With his new TokenPet tag I feel as if an added layer of protection has been added! Love the site as well! Keep doing what you do for all the pet parents out there like me! Thanks and good luck!”


“Having a ton of fun digging around the site! It has already become my daily go to for news and articles! Love it! Go TokenPet Community!”

Leanne & Taffy

“The knowledge, tips and advice I have already learned are invaluable. The Lost & Found map is something that has been needed for so long! Adoptions and finding forever homes for my fur buddies is just great! Your website is a breath of fresh air I normally only find at the dog park! Good luck and can't wait to watch the community expand!”


“Beautiful! TokenPet is one of those sites that every pet parent needs to visit!”


“Terrific experience! Many many thanks to you for creating such an important site! Good luck and all the best!”


“I wanted to quickly reach out to let you all know how I couldn't be happier with Persia's new TokenPet tag! The Pink tag looks stunning around her collar (I'm glad I went with the Pink one)! Best of all, I have my peace of mind back knowing she is protected if she ever makes a run for it again! Many thanks!”

Princess Persia